St Nicholas | Jean Vanier Catholic Elementary

Sherwood Park, Alberta

I was commissioned to create a carving of St Nicholas, the chosen saint of Jean Vanier Catholic Elementary School in Sherwood Park, Alberta. To bring more to the project than just a "thing to look at" I teased the administration with some thoughts of how we might introduce other aspects of St Nicholas' life and work other than the one we all have come to know so well around Christmas time. The end result is an archway behind St Nicholas comprised of interchangeable, removable tiles, magnetically attached. This way the students can learn about one trait at a time rather than all of them at once - all the while having a "complete" sculpture to admire.


The video explains it best....Link to Facebook video








Great Catch | Private Commission

Raymond Shores, Gull Lake, Alberta

I received a request from a lake lot owner at Raymond Shores for a life-size eagle carving to flank the driveway to their property. Wood this size is hard to come by (and nearly impossible to move around if you do find it) but with skillful joinery we were able to stack one log on top of the other completely seamlessly so we could deliver on a dream.




One for the Team | Private Commission

Edmonton Eskimos Football Team

One of the core members of the Edmonton Eskimos Football Club was celebrating a milestone. I was tasked with creating a keepsake for this indispensable unsung hero of the club. It's rumored that the carving even went on the road with the team for the remainder of the season when it wasn't taking up residence in the locker room. Some players even took to a bit of a ritual, making sure to pat the little guy before each game.





Celebrate Imagination | Reading Bench

Jean Vanier Catholic Elementary School

Sherwood Park, Alberta

I was given the opportunity to create a very special legacy piece for Jean Vanier Catholic Elementary School. They were rearranging things around the school and clearing out some large, unused cabinetry which left a perfect spot to tuck a little something for young readers to "get away" and celebrate imagination. We prepared a time-lapse presentation to share with the kids on the day of the unveiling. You can view it here.




"Welcome" Bear | Alberta Small Engine Services

Edmonton, Alberta

I am very blessed to be sponsored (and tremendously supported) by Alberta Small Engine Services and Stihl. As a way of showing my appreciation this fella was delivered to greet all of the customers that come through the door at the shop on 50th street in Edmonton. It looked like something right out of King Kong seeing him standing restrained in the back of the truck. Quite a sight to see.


Head over to Alberta Small Engine Services and say hello - I promise he won't bite.



Coleman Lantern | Private Commission

Sherwood Park, Alberta

I call them my #1 fans. This family in my neighborhood caught wind of what I was getting into right from the very start of my wood carving career and were immediate fans and supporters. They have a literal bear family at their place. The son was looking to "win" Christmas a couple of years ago and asked if I could carve a lantern. His father is an avid lantern collector with surely over a hundred models in his collection. Not one to back down from a challenge I dug out the special piece of cedar I'd been hanging onto for "just the right project" and took it on.


And yes - this was carved with a chainsaw.




First Wolf | Private Commission

Sherwood Park, Alberta

They say you never forget your first and with this guy "living" on one of my weekly routes through Sherwood Park I surely never will. The first wolf, the first "big" project, the first custom order customer. And what a great woman to work with. She has become a very special friend to me and is taking such great care of our pup.




Multipurpose Moose | Private Commission

"It's been everywhere", North America

I had a unique request come in for a "Welcome Moose" to join this couple on their RV adventures throughout North America. The tricky bit was this: they wanted to be able to display their last name when they were staying in RV parks where they were not "regulars" but when they were at RV parks where they had built up a community of friends they wanted to display their first names. The fix? I made the sign reversible. It's not actually attached to the carving and can be turned to display whichever side they wish. To go one step further I made the antlers removable to make it easier for them to move the carving in and out of the RV doorway.





The Key to Success | Rope Puzzle

Victoria Composite Sculpture Garden
Edmonton, Alberta

This carving was started during a live demonstration at Victoria Composite's Celebration of the Arts and was created to be the first of many pieces to reside in the newly developed sculpture garden at the school. This piece is based on an ancient Japanese rope puzzle which requires the key to be shifted from one side of the rope, through the keyhole to the other side of the rope. The trick is, the key doesn't fit all the way through the keyhole. A metaphor for success in life and learning, the key to success in this larger than life puzzle demands teamwork, collaboration and collective effort.


As far as I know to date the puzzle has not been solved.