"Soaring Together"


Commissioned to commemorate the homeowner's 60th wedding anniversary in conjunction with Canada's 150th. The carving features six burrowed owlets protected by the soaring guardians each with wingspans of seven feet. The two top most owlets, nearest to heaven represent two of the children who have passed on before their time. Each owlet and the soaring guardians are connected by the vine that wraps its way from earth right up to the heavens. And to those beings able to look down upon the carving you will find a heart staring straight up from the top of the main trunk.


LOCATION: Sherwood Park

In View of Public? Yes*


* While some of these works may be in view of the public, please respect the homeowners and refrain from entering their property without permission. The carvings are equally beautiful from public vantage points and most if not all of the homeowners take great delight in watching people stop and admire their investments.

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