It's nature's way - and who are we to stand in the way of nature? We're so confident that if your carving doesn't develop a crack within the first year we will gladly come put a crack in it for you!


Wood cracks. Try as we might, it cracks. With proper care and feeding of your carving you can help minimize the effects of cracking but don't despair when they start to appear. It happens to the best of us. Embrace the cracking - it's making your already unique piece of art even more unique.


Or course there's cracking and then there's splitting to pieces. If anything ever splits right apart on you let us know. We can fix it up with some good old fashioned glue or whip you up another one-of-a-kind-creation and it’ll last you for decades more.



You can help minimize cracking with proper care of your carving. Refer to our Care and Feeding page to see how.