the bench | Stettler, Alberta

Here's a look at the piece that "officially" kicked off the 2017 wood carving season for me.

Ten feet overall length, three feet tall at each end and likely nearing 1,000 pounds of wooden wonder. Meticulous details cover all surfaces of the bench and serve as a celebration of Stettler and surrounding area.


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the carvings | an ever changing world...

Did I mention I'm a chainsaw carver? Somewhere along the way I became a bit of a purist and have honed my skills with the saw such that everything you see here was created nearly completely with the skillful touch of a chainsaw. If I had to guess I'd say most of these pieces are 95% or more chainsaw carved. The other 5%? Likely just a few seconds with a die grinder and a bit of time with a sander to bring back the wood after burning the details. Those other tools take too long. And that makes things get expensive. Chainsaws are quick. And amazing.


Many of these have come and gone but thanks to the interweb we can immortalize them forever in memory. Of course we COULD always just go visit them at their new homes...Are you a proud owner of a Kelly Davies creation? Send us a pic of it in it's new home so we can show everyone how happy they can be.