performance carving

I can't think of any better way to fire up an event than with live, raw, visceral chainsaw carving! The roar of the saws draw spectators in and the magic that's revealed in the flurry of wood chips and chunks is mesmerizing.


My performances are fully insured and completely safe environments for spectators. My carving tent is wrapped in netting to catch the debris but not stop people from seeing the magic happen. The ground is typically tarped so that at the end of the performance all that remains is the memory of the magic.


Want even more?
Talk to me about leaving a carving behind for your event - perhaps to be used as a give away or draw prize or just kept as a lasting reminder of the amazement you experienced watching the magic happen.




a surefire way to energize any event


It's been said that no event is complete without the roar and wonder of a real, live chainsaw carver. (It hasn't actually been said but it COULD be said.) If you're looking for one of the most unique experiences you can find for your next event, customer appreciation day or team building efforts you have just found it.


Currently taking bookings for the 2024 season and beyond – get in touch with Kelly today!



The passion that Kelly has for carving is clear. Our customers were amazed as they watched a plain old chunk of wood transform into a work of art right in front of their eyes.

the setup

I arrive on-site, fully self contained and need nothing from you other than a 30X30 space to drop my tarp and set up the tent. A generator comes along to power the electric tools used and the fuel cans are full for any gas work done during the day.


If you like the idea but are afraid of the noise I also carry a full complement of battery and plug in electric tools that are just as effective at carving...they just lack the expected roar. I have done several INDOOR demonstrations around town using the electric tools.


My 10 X 10 tent is wrapped on three sides (the public sides) with netting to catch any and all chunks of wood that come off the saws. We’ve tested the setup extensively and it works like a dream, arresting even the most determined bit of wood. The sawdust can still make it's way through the net but generally falls within the 30 X 30 tarped off zone which is handy for our clean up at the end of the performance.

I may have a selection of completed pieces for display and sale. These pieces serve double duty as they are also quite effective at holding down my tarp (and tent) so I can continue to work even when the winds kick up.


The size of the piece(s) created during your event depend on the length of the booking and your wishes for the event. If it is a large scale project there will be a quick-carve demonstration completed where spectators can see a log transformed in short order into a work of art. Most quick carvings take 30-45 minutes from start to finish.


At the end of the day all I ask for is a trash bin to dispose of the day's efforts (the sawdust, not the carvings).

I have my own App-enabled commerce solution to process credit card payments on-site (Square payments) and carry enough change to handle any cash transactions. These items are protected by chainsaws so our site remains secure. I bring plenty of water and even pack a lunch. At the end of the performance it's just a matter of sweeping up the sawdust, rolling up the tarp and leaving nothing but memories behind.

the fee

$450 for the first three hours

$100 per hour thereafter

Each performance is a minimum of three hours. Bookings that require performances under three hours are also available contact us for details.


Out of town? Mileage fees may or may not be required. Let's talk.

the fine print

There isn't really any fine print. The roped off work area and debris-arresting netted enclosure ensures that spectators are kept safe. Of course one can never be too safe so I carry my own public liability insurance for your protection, and the protection of the public. If you're the gambling sort my wife has a pool running on how many digits I'll have (toes included) when I turn 60.


neither rain nor sleet nor snow...

In case you missed it somewhere along the lines - I'm also an ice carver. It's where I started in fact and something I'm equally passionate about doing. The point though is that I dress for the conditions and carve in most all conditions. High winds that threaten to take me and my tent for a little aerial tour might make me stop for a moment to let common sense make a judgment call but otherwise you can rest assured I'll be there with saws a-cutting for you and your event.